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Why I Love Mocha Pro

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Welcome SynthEyes

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Watercolor Reveal Effect in AE

Watch and learn with Boris FX's own Harry Frank how to create a watercolor reveal effect using Boris FX Sapphire Builder and Grunge plugins inside Adobe After Effects.


Say Hello to the Boris FX Hub

CrumplePop and SynthEyes added to the Suite, plus meet the Boris FX Hub — managing your licenses and products has never been easier — and our new Enterprise program.


Introducing SynthEyes

Dr. Russell Andersson, creator and founder of SynthEyes 3D tracking, joins us for a tech roundtable and demo highlighting top tools.

Artist Profile

Why I Love Sapphire

Find out which Sapphire effects Michael Negron relies on most to pack a 1-2 editing punch on PFL promos, series, and social media content.


Sapphire saves me so much time in the color-grading stage or when I need to stylize my sports videos.

C.M. De La Vega Mograph/VFX Artist

Do it in-house! I love having this much control over the look of my work and being able to audition Continuum on the spot.

Bradinn French Emmy Award-Winning Editor

I use Mocha Pro all the time. So much of my job starts with tracking. If you get that wrong, then nothing is going to work.

Gillian Simpson Compositor

Silhouette is so much more powerful for roto than any other software out there that I’ve tried.

Annie Amaya Roto/Paint Artist

Optics is the ultimate Photoshop plugin to give a cinematic & futuristic look to my cyberpunk composites.

Daniel Cheong Photographer

CrumplePop allows me to focus on the edit while still giving me the powerful tools I need to repair and address audio issues.

Paul Diaz Video Editor